All the .NET developers are so excited to use .NET 5.0 from today, released couple of minutes before in .Net Conf 2020 (10th November 2020).

They have skipped the name “Core” and “Framework” to avoid the confusion, this version supports both Core and Entity Framework

Simply download the SDK from…

I have implemented a basic C# application connected with On premises SQL Server, I am going to migrate the same database and the data to Azure cloud using Microsoft Migration Tool, After the migration without touching the coding part I am debugging the same application (Changed the connections string only).

Now and in the future most of the companies are investing in IoT to improve their business activities, However, the long-term goal of many IT companies are to develop a Artificial Intelligence solutions to each and every problems.

Data Scientists are the most valuable people on making effective use of the data by analyzing the old big data and produce a powerful summary. Business organizations that plan to invest on IoT should consider the old data before they invest on it. …

Somanathan Gohulan

Happiest person,Too much of Interest in Technology, Programmer, Positive attitude n all walks of life

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